Das Bild zeigt ein Beispiel für ein virtuelles Fahrzeug in einer virtuellen Fabrik

3D design and 3D animation

The perfect presentation for your product, your technical process or your vision.
Imagine being able to see your product in action before it's launched, explain complex processes in a simple way, or take your customers into a virtual world. 3D design and our 3D animations this becomes reality.

Why 3D design?

  • Visual power: 3D models and animations are usually more appealing and meaningful than photos or text. They also awaken emotions and are better remembered.
  • Precise representation: 3D makes it possible to present products and services in detail and realistically, even if they do not yet exist in the real world.
  • Understandability: Complex issues and processes can be explained simply and understandably using 3D animations.
  • Interactivity: 3D models and applications enable interactive use that engages and delights customers.
  • Versatility: 3D can be used in all areas of marketing, from product presentation and advertising to training and trade fairs.

We have many years of experience in 3D creation, have high compatibility with industrial CAD/CAM systems and, if requested, can also help with product development (and product design).

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of 3D design and 3D animation for your business?
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3D examples

Bild eines neuen Elektrofahrzeugs. Kunde: Sika Automotive
Loft Visualisierung. Kunde: Architekturbüro
Visualisierung eines Mehrfach-Werkzeugs. Kunde. cademy GmbH
Szene aus Animationsfilm. Kunde: Sika
Prozessanimation Dachverklebung. Kunde: Sika Automotive GmbH
Prozessanimation Herstellung Carbonformteile. Kunde. Unitech/Korea
Visualisierung eines Durchfluss-Messgerätes. Kund: Hotset GmbH

Frequently asked Questions

If you are missing an answer, please write to us.

How much does a 3D animation cost?

This question cannot be answered answer in general. The calculation consists of the creation costs, the desired execution quality (from simple shading to photorealistic representation), the animation length and the rendering costs.

We are pleased to send you an individual offer.

Is it possible to import CAD files?

We can usually import your CAD files. We would be happy to test this free of charge in advance by sending us a test file.

What is the maximum resolution?

We are happy to accept any challenge in this regard. So far we have created visualizations up to a resolution of 16k x 16k pixels and animations up to a resolution of 12k.

Examples of our work

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More Information
Logo der Cademy GmbH aus Ennepetal., einem Anlagenbauer zur Produktion von PUR-Schäumanlagen.
Logo unseres Kunden Sika Automotive AG
Logo unseres Kunden Hotset GmbH aus Lüdenscheid
Logo unseres Kunden Unitech aus Korea
Logo des Fraunhofer Instituts

Our services:

  • 3D modeling: We create photorealistic 3D models of products, buildings, machines and other objects.
  • 3D animation: We bring your 3D models to life and create meaningful animations.
  • 3D visualization: We use 3D to visualize complex data and processes and make them understandable.
  • 3D interactivity: We develop interactive 3D applications that engage and delight customers.
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