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Virtual showrooms - The innovative medium for your presentation!

Revolutionize your marketing with virtual showrooms.
Transform static product presentations into interactive experiences that delight your customers. Virtual showrooms give you the opportunity to showcase products and services in an immersive 3D environment that is accessible 24/7.

Unleash the potential of your products:

  • Increase interaction with your customers
    Virtual showrooms allow your customers to view products from all angles, test features and experience themselves in a realistic environment.
  • Improve purchasing decisions
    Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden die Möglichkeit, Produkte virtuell zu “probieren”, bevor sie sie kaufen. Dies führt zu einer höheren Kaufwahrscheinlichkeit und weniger Retouren.
  • Expand your reach
    Virtual showrooms are location-independent and accessible around the clock. This is how you reach a global audience and open up new markets.
  • Reduce costs
    Virtual showrooms are a cost-effective alternative to physical showrooms. You save costs for rent, personnel and maintenance.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
    Virtual showrooms are an environmentally friendly alternative to real showrooms and trade fairs.

With our expertise in the area of virtual presentation, we create tailor-made virtual showrooms for you that meet your individual requirements.

Start your virtual showroom today!

Is it better to buy or rent a virtual showroom?

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What are the benefits of rent?

  • You select a pre-made design, which is adapted to your branding.
  • There is no initial investment
  • You will receive inquiries via an email form on our server.
  • A later upgrade to your own showroom is possible at any time.

What are the advantages of purchasing?

  • We build the virtual showroom in your architectural style and in your corporate design
  • Integration of web content and/or CRM forms is possible.
  • A live chat function can be integrated.
  • All three forms of navigation can be used to move in space.
  • You can also use touch screens in your showroom (e.g. at reception).
  • As a digitalization measure, your project may be supported with state funds.

Our planning aid

Download our free planning help (DE/EN) now and read which factors are important for your project.

Application examples

  • Product presentation (shop)
  • Technical presentations (features)
  • Product configuration (e.g. vehicles)
  • Brand environments
  • Product training (eLearning)
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Company tours (online)
  • Online visits (event locations)
  • Virtual tours (hotels/city tours)
  • 3D reconstruction of ruins (VR)

Display and devices

  • 3D display in the browser (desktop, tablet and smartphone)
  • 3D representation for VR glasses
  • Stand-alone player for touchscreens
  • Game consoles

Movement in 3D space

  • Point-2-Point-Navigation
  • Click and go
  • Joystick and/or VR controller
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